Adelaide Football Club: History, Uniforms, AFL Squad

Adelaide Football Club, also known as the Crows, is a prestigious Australian football club. It is located in Adelaide, South Australia. It is one of the top four clubs in the AFL, and fans would love to know about Adelaide Football Club. This article is for the fans.

Adelaide Football Club History

In 1990, the Adelaide Football Club was formed. As representatives of South Australia, they were going to compete in the Australian Football League. Despite joining the AFL in 1990, they played their first season in 1991. In their first season, they placed 9th out of 15 and won 10 games.

During the 1993 AFL season, the club reached its first finals series. But luck was not in their favor as they lose to Essendon.

After 1993 the Crows qualified for their second  AFL Grand Final and it is to be played against St Kilda. St Kilda were chasing just their second premiership in VFL/AFL history, they were warm favorites to win the Grand Final. But Adelaide won its final and it was arguably one of the finest moments in South Australian sporting history.

In 2001, the Crows made the finals again despite losing their opening three matches. In the First Elimination Final at the MCG, Adelaide lost to fifth-placed Carlton.

It was another impressive season for the Crows in 2003, but they ultimately lost in the semi-finals to the Brisbane Lions at the Gabba.

Adelaide was a great team in the early 2000s, qualifying for the finals every season afterward. In each case, luck was not on their side as they fell short at the elimination or semi-final stages. The Crows were defeated consecutively by Collingwood in 2008 and 2009, proving to be the most obvious villains.

During the 2010 era, Adelaide had a disastrous start. The club lost its first six matches in 2010 both at home and away. It was revealed at the end of 2012 that Adelaide had breached the salary cap and interfered with the draft.


The home guernsey is navy blue with red and gold hoops. The jersey is worn at all home matches. It was worn at some away games, including those against Geelong, Port Adelaide, the Western Bulldogs, and Sydney. Since 1991, it has remained almost the same, with only minor variations.

Unlike the home guernsey, the clash guernsey has a gold base instead of navy. There may be a clash between the darker home jersey and the white shorts when playing away games. In 2021, the current clash Guernsey was introduced.

The club first unveiled its Indigenous Guernsey against North Melbourne in 2013. From then on it has been a rotating design in a regular while. In its first version, the Adelaide Indigenous Guernsey was simply black instead of navy. The colors represented the Australian Aboriginal Flag. However, since 2014, Guernsey has featured art from a wide range of indigenous artists and former players, such as Andrew McLeod and Ben Davis.

Home Grounds

Adelaide Oval has been the home ground of Adelaide Football Club since 2014. The ground is located in the parklands between North Adelaide and the city center of Adelaide, South Australia. In addition to cricket and Australian Rules football, the venue has hosted rugby league, rugby union, soccer, tennis, and concerts regularly. The stadium has a capacity of 53,500 seats.

The club’s offices and training facilities are located on the site of the former home stadium, Football Park. It is located in the west suburb of West Lakes, a suburb of Adelaide in South Australia.

Current AFL Squad

Senior List

  1. Chayce Jones
  2. Ben Keays
  3. Sam Berry
  4. Lachlan Murphy
  5. Matt Crouch
  6. Jackson Hately
  7. Riley Thilthorpe
  8. Josh Rachele
  9. Rory Sloane
  10. Luke Pedlar
  11. Jordan Dawson (c)
  12. Taylor Walker
  13. Jake Soligo
  14. Brayden Cook
  15. Max Michalanney
  16. Will Hamill
  17. Zac Taylor
  18. Mitch Hinge
  19. Izak Rankine
  20. Shane McAdam
  21. Josh Worrell
  22. Ned McHenry
  23. Harry Schoenberg
  24. Luke Nankervis
  25. Rory Laird
  26. Wayne Milera
  27. Billy Dowling
  28. Darcy Fogarty
  29. Brodie Smith
  30. Elliott Himmelberg
  31. Lachlan Sholl
  32. Tom Doedee
  33. Hugh Bond
  34. Jordon Butts
  35. Reilly O’Brien
  36. Lachlan Gollant
  37. Kieran Strachan

Rookie List

  1. Paul Seedsman
  2. Tyler Brown
  3. Nick Murray
  4. Tariek Newchurch (B)
  5. James Borlase (B)
  6. Andrew McPherson
  7. Patrick Parnell
  8. Mark Keane

Coaching Staff

Head coach

  • Matthew Nicks

Assistant coaches

  • Scott Burns (senior assistant & defence)
  • Nathan van Berlo (midfield)
  • James Rahilly (forwards)
  • Matthew Clarke (ruck, AFLW coach)
  • Michael Godden (SANFL coach & development)
  • Brent Reilly (development)
  • Matthew Wright (academy & development)
  • Marco Bello (head of development)

Administrative Board


  • Bob Hammond 1991-2000
  • Bob Campbell 2001-2003
  • Bill Sanders 2004-2008
  • Rob Chapman 2009-2020
  • John Olsen 2021- Present

General Manager/CEO

  • Bill Sanders 1991-2001
  • Steven Trigg 2002-2014
  • Nigel Smart 2013 (acting)
  • Andrew Fagan 2014-2020
  • Tim Silvers 2021- Present


Kit Sponsors

  • Adidas
  • Fila
  • Russell Athletic
  • Adidas
  • Reebok
  • Puma
  • BLK
  • ISC
  • O’Neills

Major Sponsors

  • Toyota

Shorts Sponsors

  • Toyota
  • The Ghan
  • Carlton Draught
  • Fielders
  • Crompton Lighting
  • Adelaide Casino
  • OTR
  • Domain Optus
  • Thomas Foods

Bottom Rear Sponsor

  • Toyota
  • Optus
  • Hungry Jack’s

 Top Rear Sponsor

  • Optus


Adelaide Football Club is a relatively new club with a very good track record. In a very few years, it became one of the top giants of the AFL. This article is for the fan who wants to learn everything about Adelaide Football Club.

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