Who Won the Most AFL Grand Finals in History?

Carlton Football Club is the team that has won the most AFL Grand Finals, with a record of 16 wins.

They won their last Grand Final trophy in 1995, a long time ago, but no one had beaten them in terms of AFL Grand Final wins.

This article will be informative and interesting as we review all of Carlton Football Club’s Grand Final wins.

Winning YearOpponentWinning Margin
1906Fitzroy Football Club49 Points
1907South MelbourneN/A
1908Essendon Football Club9 Points
1914South Melbourne Football Club6 Points
1915Collingwood Football Club33 Points
1938Collingwood Football Club15 Points
1945South Melbourne Football Club28 Points
1947Essendon Football Club1 Point
1968Essendon Football Club3 Points
1970Collingwood Football Club10 Points
1972Richmond Football Club27 Points
1979Collingwood Football Club5 Points
1981Collingwood Football Club20 Points
1982Richmond Football ClubN/A
1987Hawthorn Football Club33 Points
1995Geelong Football Club61 Points

All the Grand Final Wins

1906 (Carlton Football Club)

It was an Australian Rules Football match that took place in 1906. Carlton Football Club was a finalist and will face Fitzroy Football Club. The Melbourne Cricket Ground hosted the game on September 22, 1906.

In this match, the winner wins the premiership automatically. That season, no team was eligible to challenge for the championship.

Carlton won the VFL premiership for the first time in this game by 49 points. A total of 44,437 spectators attended the match.

1907 (South Melbourne)

The 10th Victorian Football League Grand Final took place. For the 1907 VFL season, this final will determine the premiers. 45,477 people attended the match.

South Melbourne and Carlton dominated the table during the season. Carlton defeated third-placed St Kilda, and South Melbourne defeated fourth-placed Collingwood in their semi-finals.

South Melbourne attacked early in the first quarter and had the better play overall. A great effort was made by Jim Flynn in the ruck during the second quarter, which led to Carlton having the better of the quarter.

There was an intense third quarter in which Carlton led.

As a whole, the game featured two different styles of play. Rucks and keys were strongly used by the taller and heavier Carlton team in its rushing game.

South Melbourne played a shorter passing game due to its smaller size and speed. Conditions were favorable for Carlton.

1908 (Essendon Football Club)

The Carlton Football Club team is in the grand final for the third time. This time, their opponent is Essendon Football Club.

The match took place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne on 26 September 1908. By a margin of 9 points, Carlton won the match.

With this win, the club makes history as it wins its third premiership in a row. A total of 50,261 spectators watched the match.

Essendon finished second, and Carlton won the minor premiership. Carlton would have been entitled to challenge Essendon to a rematch the following weekend if Essendon had won this match.

Because Carlton was the minor premier, this is the case. In that case, the Premiership would have gone to the winner.

1914 (South Melbourne Football Club)

After a five-year drought, the Carlton Football Club won the AFL grand final again. This time, their opponent was South Melbourne Football Club.

It was a very entertaining final with drama until the last minute. It occurred on 26 September 1914, the 17th annual Grand Final of the Victorian Football League.

 With this win, Carlton has won its fourth premiership. An attendance of 30,495 fans was recorded for the match.

The finale was highly entertaining, with drama until the end. As South Melbourne trailed by six points, the ball was kicked into their offensive 50.

When Carlton’s Ernie Jamieson leaped into the back of South Melbourne player Tom Bollard at full-forward to punch the ball away, no free kick was awarded. As a result, the ball can be cleared to safety, allowing Carlton to win.

1915 (Collingwood Football Club)

After 1914, for the 2nd year in a row, Carlton Football Club was in the final, and their opponent this time was Collingwood Football Club.

The match was held at Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne on 18 September 1915 and attended by 39,343 spectators.

Carlton won this match very easily with a huge 33-point margin. It was the club’s fifth AFL victory.

1938 (Collingwood Football Club)

Carlton had a successful run earlier, but this grand final win came after a long time. Almost 23 years of wait ended at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne on 24 September 1938. Their win came against Collingwood Football Club.

The match had 96,486 people, which was a new record as this large crowd had never been recorded before; previously, the record was 80,000.

Carlton won the match by a 16-point margin.  This win makes it six times for the Carlton Football Club.

1945 (South Melbourne Football Club)

Carlton Football Club won the grand final against South Melbourne Football Club this year. The match was held at Princes Park in Melbourne on 29 September 1945.

They won this match with a comfortable 28-point margin, their 7th AFL grand final win.

This AFL season happened right after the Second World War ended, the first time since 1938.

In the first quarter, South Melbourne controlled Carlton’s advantage due to the wind and limited its attack opportunities, but Carlton’s backline held them scoreless.

A goal by Ken Hands gave Carlton the lead midway through the second quarter. The third and final quarters were heavily rained on.

Inclement weather, poor skills, rough play, and melees marked the game.

According to the reporters, both teams’ defenses played well, and full-back Vin Brown excelled in repelling South Melbourne’s attacks.

1947 (Essendon Football Club)

After a one-year drought, the Carlton team reached the final. Their opponent was Essendon Football Club. The match was attended by 85,793 spectators and held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

It was the 49th annual Grand Final of the Victorian Football League, staged to determine the premiers for the 1947 VFL season. It was a close encounter, and Carlton won it by only one point.

This win marks the club’s eighth VFL premiership. Carlton won the match with a goal kick by Fred Stafford in the dying seconds.

1968 (Essendon Football Club)

Carlton Football Club faced Essendon Football Club in this year’s final. The final was held at Melbourne Cricket Ground and attended by a record crowd of 116,828 people. Carlton won the match by barely 3 points.

In this match, Essendon Football Club kicked more goals, but despite that, Carlton won the match. This was the first time this type of thing happened in a match.

It was impossible to play the game due to the strong wind. A lack of shot selection may have affected Carlton’s poor performance.

A standout performer for the Blues was winger Garry Crane, who had 30 possessions.

In the fourth quarter, Essendon closed the gap to within a point of Carlton with Geoff Blethyn’s goal. Although Carlton didn’t score in the fourth quarter, they could still hold on to their lead.

As the game neared its conclusion, Neil Chandler took some crucial shots.

1970 (Collingwood Football Club)

The Carlton Football Club and Collingwood Football Club played the AFL grand final. This match was played at Melbourne Cricket Ground, and it was the 73rd annual Grand Final.

A total of 121,696 spectators watched this match, and it broke all the previous records.

This match was regarded as one of the greatest finals ever, and Carlton Football Club won by a 10-point margin.

By halftime, Carlton was down by 44 points. Ted Hopkins, the nineteenth man on the team, played a huge part.

After being substituted onto the field at halftime, he kicked four goals in the first half.

Previously, only one team had ever been able to come back from a large half-time deficit in an AFL game to win the game.

1972 (Richmond Football Club)

The match was played between Carlton and Richmond in 1972. The Carlton team finished with 18 wins, 3 losses, and a draw. Richmond recorded a total of 18 wins and 4 losses. Carlton won the match very easily by 27 27-point margin.

The match was played at Melbourne Cricket Ground on October 7, 1972. This grand final marked the 75th year of the event.

1979 (Collingwood Football Club)

Carlton Football Club and Collingwood Football Club met again at the grand final of AFL in 1979. Carlton won the match by 5 points, their 12th premiere ship victory. A total of 113,545 people attend the match.

Since losing the 1973 VFL Grand Final, Carlton had not played in a Grand Final for six years. With 19 wins and three losses, Carlton had finished first on the VFL ladder. With 15 wins and 7 losses, Collingwood finished third.

1981 (Collingwood Football Club)

The 85th annual Grand Final of the AFL pitted Carlton Football Club against Collingwood Football Club.  It took place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

A total of 112,964 people attended the game. A 20-point win for Carlton marked the club’s 13th championship. Their last grand final clash was this one.

In the game’s final minutes, Carlton scored six goals to win. Towards the end of the third quarter, Collingwood led by 21 points after five unanswered goals.

Carlton was only 9 points behind Carlton at halftime, however, thanks to two late goals.

It was the last grand final game at the old MCG scoreboard and a thrilling contest.

1982 (Richmond Football Club)

It is a face-to-face match between Richmond Football Club and Carlton Football Club. The match was played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne, Australia, and 107,536 people attended the game.

The Carlton Football Club defeated Hawthorn in the Qualifying Final. In the Semi-Final, they lost by 40 points to Richmond, but they had another chance.

After winning the Preliminary Final once again, they were able to advance to the Grand Final after defeating Hawthorn in the Semi-Finals.

On the back of their Second Semi-Final victory over Carlton, Richmond advanced straight to the Grand Final.

1987 (Hawthorn Football Club)

Carlton Football Club and Hawthorn Football Club contested the 1987 VFL Grand Final. It was at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

This was the 91st annual VFL Grand Final. Were 92,754 spectators in attendance, and Carlton won its 15th premiership with a margin of 33 points.

Hawthorn was making its fifth consecutive appearance in the Grand Final. They had defeated Carlton in the previous season’s Grand Final.

1995 (Geelong Football Club)

In 1995, Carlton won the grand final by 61 points. It was Carlton’s 16th championship win, making it the most successful club in league history.

On 30 September 1995, Geelong Football Club and Carlton Football Club faced off in the 1995 AFL grand final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. A total of 93,670 people were in attendance for the match.

After several unsuccessful attempts in the past, both clubs found themselves back in the grand final. Carlton and Geelong finished first and second on the ladder, respectively.

Both teams were at the top of their game when they went into it, and it was a very entertaining match.


Carlton Football Club is a very prestigious club with a very rich history. They are the most Grand Final Winners in the history of AFL. You will love this informative content as an AFL fan and a Carlton Football Club fan.

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