Brandon Zerk-Thatcher is a name that has been making waves in the Australian Football League (AFL). Known for his athletic prowess and strategic gameplay, Zerk-Thatcher has carved a niche for himself in AFL.

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About Brandon Zerk-Thatcher

Brandon Zerk-Thatcher was born in Gawler, Australia, on August 25, 1998. He was raised in Murray Bridge and attended Murray Bridge High School. 

His journey into AFL began at a young age, with his initial training and development at the Sturt Football Club. Zerk-Thatcher’s family has significantly influenced his career, providing him with the necessary support and encouragement. 

Early Life

Zerk-Thatcher’s early life was spent in Murray Bridge, where he was educated at Murray Bridge High School. His passion for AFL was evident from a young age, and he started playing for the Sturt Football Club at 18.

He also competed in the NAB AFL Under 18 Championships for South Australia, showcasing his talent and potential.

Early Career

Zerk-Thatcher’s early career was marked by his participation in the NAB AFL Under 18 Championships, where he represented South Australia. His performance in these championships highlighted his potential as a future AFL star.

The Essendon Football Club drafted him with the 66th pick in the 2017 national draft.

Professional Career

Zerk-Thatcher made his senior debut against Fremantle in round 22 of the 2019 season. Since then, he has played 51 AFL games for the Essendon Football Club. 

His performance in the 2023 season was particularly noteworthy, with him playing 22 games and recording a career-high 15 spoils against Sydney in Round 20. In October 2023, Zerk-Thatcher was traded to the Port Adelaide Football Club.

Brandon Zerk-Thatcher’s Net Worth

Brandon Zerk-Thatcher’s net worth is between $5 million and $10 million.

His earnings come from his salary as a professional footballer, endorsements, and other sources.

Career Earnings



Brandon Zerk-Thatcher, an Australian Football League (AFL) player, earned $379,400 in 2023 while playing for the Essendon Bombers.

Personal Details

Full NameBrandon Zerk-Thatcher
Birth DateAugust 25, 1998
Height195 cm
Weight92 kg
Current Net Worth1 million
Relationship StatusIn a relationship
GirlfriendTegan Hartley
Instagram Profile@b_zerkthatcher


Brandon Zerk-Thatcher is in a relationship with Tegan Hartley.


He is 25 years old.

Height and Weight

Brandon Zerk-Thatcher stands tall at 195 cm and weighs 92 kg.

Career Stats


FAQs About Brandon Zerk-Thatcher

When was Brandon Zerk-Thatcher born?

He was born on August 25, 1998.

Which AFL club does he play for?

Thatcher plays for the Port Adelaide Football Club.

What position does he play in?

Thatcher plays as a defender.

Where is he from?

He is from Gawler, Australia.

Wrapping Up: Brandon Zerk-Thatcher’s Net Worth

Brandon Zerk-Thatcher’s journey in the AFL is a remarkable sign of his growth and impressive performance. His dedication to the sport and ability to deliver under pressure have made him a valuable asset to his team.

He has accumulated a net worth of $1 million.

As he continues his career with the Port Adelaide Football Club, fans and followers can look forward to more exciting games and remarkable plays from this rising AFL star.

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