Hawthorn Football Club

Hawthorn Football Club, nicknamed the Hawks, is a well-known club of Australian Football. The club is located in Mulgrave, Victoria. It is only Hawthorn who has won premierships in every decade from 1960 to 2010, as well as two premierships in the new millennium.

In this article, we will learn everything there is to know about Hawthorn Football Club.


There is some confusion regarding the club’s birthdate. Some say it was founded in 1873, some say it was founded in 1883.

Previously, Hawthorn Football Club was known as another club. Back in 1880, the club was named Riversdale Football Club. The Hawthorn Football Club is reported to have been formed in 1889 as a replacement for the Riversdale Football Club. During the year 1890, the club disbanded. 1902 marked the formation of a new club.

The Hawthorn City Football Club was formed in 1906 when Hawthorn combined with the Hawthorn Rovers, a successful junior club. As of 1925, the club is a member of the VFL.

The nickname of the club Hawk was given in 1942 by Roy Cazaly. During these early years, the club did not perform well. It finished last or second-last in every year except one between 1944 and 1953.

The club won its first premiership in 1961 after defeating Footscray. In the Grand Final, Brendan Edwards was recognized as the best player.

A strong rivalry grew between the Hawks and North Melbourne in the 1970s and the Hawks won two grand finals.

From 1983 until 1989, the Hawk enjoyed its most glorious years. During this time, they played in seven grand finals and won four premierships. Between 1983 and 1991, the Hawks made eight grand final appearances in nine seasons. No club could come near them.

The Hawks enjoyed another successful year in 2001, but it would be their last for a while.


The Hawthorne Guernsey has brown and gold vertical stripes. This design has been worn by Hawthorn since 1950.

For home and away games in Victoria, Sydney, and Tasmania, the home guernsey is worn, while for away games in Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane, the away guernsey is worn. Throughout its history, the club’s colors and designs have changed.

Home Grounds

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), also referred to as the “G” is an Australian sports stadium in Yarra Park, Melbourne. Since 2000, it has been the home ground of Hawthorn Football Club.

By capacity, it is the second-largest cricket ground in the world. It is also the largest stadium in the Southern Hemisphere. It is mainly owned by the Melbourne Cricket Club.

In addition to the field size of the stadium being 171 meters by 146 meters, the stadium’s capacity is 100,024.

Current AFL Squad

Senior List

  • Harry Morrison
  • Mitchell Lewis
  • Jarman Impey
  • James Worpel
  • James Sicily (C)
  • Ned Reeves
  • Sam Frost
  • Changkuoth Jiath
  • Karl Amon
  • Conor Nash
  • Will Day
  • Dylan Moore (VC)
  • Jack Scrimshaw
  • Blake Hardwick
  • Lachlan Bramble
  • Lloyd Meek
  • Max Lynch
  • Chad Wingard
  • Cooper Stephens
  • Luke Breust (VC)
  • Jacob Koschitzke
  • Denver Grainger-Barras
  • Josh Ward
  • Fergus Greene
  • Cameron Mackenzie
  • Jai Serong
  • Sam Butler
  • Connor MacDonald
  • Finn Maginness
  • Tyler Brockman
  • Josh Morris
  • Joshua Weddle
  • Emerson Jeka
  • Bailey Macdonald
  • Jack O’Sullivan
  • Henry Hustwaite

Rookie List

  • Jai Newcombe
  • Ned Long
  • Fionn O’Hara (B)
  • James Blanck
  • Max Ramsden
  • Seamus Mitchell
  • Josh Bennetts (B)

Administrative Board

Head coach

  • Sam Mitchell

Assistant coaches

  • Andy Collins (head of development)
  • David Hale (midfield)
  • Adrian Hickmott (contest)
  • Chris Newman (forwards)
  • Kade Simpson (backline)


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  • ISC

Major Sponsors

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  • Tasmania

Shorts Sponsors

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Bottom Back Sponsor

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Top Back Sponsor

  • Tasmania (round 2–round 7)
  • Nissan (round 8–round 22)
  • KFC

Neckline Sponsors

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There is no doubt that the Hawthorn Football Club is one of the most well-known clubs in the history of Australian Football. This club will be sure to be regarded as one of the top ten clubs in the AFL if we were to count the ten best clubs. 

This article focuses on every interesting fact about Hawthorn Football Club.

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