Lachie Neale

Lachie Neale is a renowned Australian Football League (AFL) player who contributed significantly to the sport.

Known for his exceptional skills and dedication, Neale has carved out a successful career in AFL, earning recognition and accolades along the way.

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About Lachie Neale

Lachie Neale was born in Naracoorte, South Australia, on May 24, 1993. He grew up in a sports-loving family, which significantly shaped his passion for AFL.

Early Life

Neale’s early life was largely centered around sports. At a young age, he became interested in AFL and began playing in local leagues, demonstrating a natural talent for the sport.

Early Career

Neale’s early career in AFL began when the Fremantle Football Club drafted him in the 2011 AFL draft. He debuted in the 2012 season and quickly became a promising player.

Professional Career

Neale’s professional career has been marked by consistent performances and significant contributions to his teams. He played for the Fremantle Football Club until 2018 when he moved to the Brisbane Lions.

Lachie Neale’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Lachie Neale has a net worth of $1 million.

His earnings come from his salary as a professional footballer, endorsements, and other sources.

Career Earnings

2019Brisbane Lions$560,300
2020Brisbane Lions$592,400
2021Brisbane Lions$474,300
2022Brisbane Lions$580,400
2023Brisbane Lions$528,400


An Australian rules football player, Lachie Neale, plays midfielder for the Brisbane Lions in the Australian Football League (AFL).

The Brisbane Lions pay him $800,000 – $900,000 per season. This salary is part of a five-year contract that Neale signed with the Brisbane Lions in 2019, which is worth $3.5 million.


Lachie Neale, an Australian rules football player, has several endorsements. He has an athlete sponsorship contract with Puma.

In addition to Puma, he is also an ambassador for Adidas, Toyota, NAB AFL Auskick, and Ladder, and he partners with Audi Centre Brisbane.

Personal Details

Full NameLachlan Oliver Neale
Birth DateMay 24, 1993
Height178 cm (5′ 10″)
Weight84 kg
BirthplaceNaracoorte, South Australia
Current Net Worth$1 Million
Relationship StatusMarried
WifeJulie Neale
Instagram Profile@lachieneale


Neale is married to Julie Neale. They have been together for several years and often share glimpses of their life on social media.

Lachie Neale wife Julie Neale
Source: Instagram


Lachie Neale is 30 years old.

Height and Weight

Lachie Neale, an Australian Football League (AFL) player, stands at a height of 178 cm (5′ 10″) and weighs 84 kg.

Career Stats

YearTeamGames PlayedKicksMarksHandballsDisposalsGoalsBehindsTackles
2019Brisbane Lions243019844174212790
2020Brisbane Lions1924980262511141359
2021Brisbane Lions17220662394598670
2022Brisbane Lions2534696403749118113
2023Brisbane Lions26311109383694311106

FAQs About Lachie Neale

Who is Lachie Neale?

Lachie Neale is an Australian rules footballer who plays for the Brisbane Lions in the Australian Football League (AFL).

What is his salary?

Neale earns $800,000 – $900,000 per season from the Brisbane Lions.

What endorsements does he have?

Neale has an athlete sponsorship contract with Puma and is an Adidas, Toyota, NAB AFL Auskick, and Ladder ambassador.

What is his net worth?

$1 million.

Wrapping Up: Lachie Neale’s Net Worth

Lachie Neale is a talented and dedicated AFL player who contributed significantly to the sport. Despite the lack of specific details, his career and achievements speak volumes about his skills and dedication.

He has accumulated a net worth of $1 million.

He continues to inspire many young athletes with his performances on the field.

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