Nick Hind is a dynamic player in the Australian Football League (AFL), known for his speed, agility, and ability to break lines.

Currently playing for the Essendon Football Club, Hind has made a name for himself as a reliable and exciting player, consistently delivering impressive performances on the field.

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About Nick Hind

Nick Hind was born on August 19, 1994, in Australia. His journey to the AFL was not traditional, as he was overlooked in multiple drafts before finally getting his chance.

Despite these early setbacks, Hind’s determination and passion for the game have seen him rise to become a key player for Essendon.

Early Life

Growing up in Australia, Hind has always been passionate about AFL. He played at the local level during his early years, showing promise with his speed and agility.

Hind remained committed to his dream of playing in the AFL despite being overlooked in the early drafts.

Early Career

Hind began playing in the Yarra Junior Football League for the Clifton Hill/North Fitzroy Bears. He then moved on to play for St Kilda in the VFL, where he was a standout player.

His performances in the VFL eventually led to him being drafted by Essendon in the 2018 AFL draft.

Professional Career

Hind’s professional career began when Essendon drafted him in the 2018 AFL draft. Since then, he has become a key player for the team, known for his speed and ability to break lines.

His performances have earned him a reputation as a reliable and exciting player in the AFL.

Nick Hind’s Net Worth

Nick Hind’s net worth in 2024 is estimated at $5 million.

His earnings come from his salary as a professional footballer, endorsements, and other sources.

Career Earnings

YearTotal Earnings




Hind’s endorsements are aligned with his public image as a healthy, athletic, and successful young man. He is also known for his sense of style, so, unsurprisingly, he has endorsements for clothing and accessories brands.

Hind’s endorsements also testify to his success as an AFL player. He is a highly skilled and talented footballer who has performed at a high level for Essendon.

As a result, he is in high demand from brands who want to associate themselves with success.

Personal Details

Full NameNick Hind
Birth DateAugust 19, 1994
Height180 cm (5 ft 11 in)
Weight78 kg (172 lb)
BirthplaceClunes, Victoria
Current Net WorthApproximately $5 Million
Relationship StatusPossibly Single
Instagram Profile@nicholas.hind


He is 29 years old.

Height and Weight

Nick Hind’s height is 180 cm (5’11”), and his weight is 78 kg (172 lbs).

Career Stats

2019St Kilda111186341202221
2020St Kilda1065642981728

FAQs About Nick Hind

When was he born?

He was born on August 19, 1994.

What position does Nick Hind play? 

Hind is known for his role as a running back.

Which AFL team does he play for? 

He plays for the Essendon Football Club.

When was Nick Hind drafted into the AFL? 

Hind was drafted into the AFL in 2018.

Where did he grow up? 

Nick Hind grew up in Australia.

Wrapping Up: Nick Hind’s Net Worth

Nick Hind is a testament to perseverance and passion in AFL. Despite being overlooked in the early drafts, Hind never gave up on his dream of playing in the AFL.

Today, he is a key player for the Essendon Football Club, known for his speed, agility, and ability to break lines.

His journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring AFL players everywhere.

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