AFL Football Fixture 2023

AFL season 2023 is the 127th season of the Australian Football League (AFL), previously known as the Victorian Football League until 1989 as the highest level of Australian rules football competition. Eighteen clubs will compete this season, which is scheduled to run from 16 March through 30 September. 

It is the most extended season in the league’s history, with 23 home-and-away games and an eight-team playoffs series. This post will explain the AFL Football Fixture 2023.

AFL Fixture 2023

Round 10

DateFixture7:50 pmVenue
Fri May 19Port Adelaide vs. Melbourne1:45 pmAdelaide Oval
Sat May 20North Melbourne vs. Sydney2:10 pmMarvel Stadium
Sat May 20Western Bulldogs vs. Adelaide7:30 pmMars Stadium
Sat May 20Fremantle vs. Geelong7:40 pmOptus Stadium
Sat May 20Brisbane vs. Gold Coast4:35 pmGabba
Sat May 20Essendon vs. Richdmon1:10 pmMCG
Sun May 21Hawthorn vs. West Coast3:20 pmUTas Stadium
Sun May 21Carlton vs. Collingwood4:40 pmMCG
Sun May 21GWS vs. St Kilda4:40 pmGiants Stadium

Round 11

Date7:50 pmTime (AEST)Venue
Fri May 26Sydney vs. Carlton1:45 pmSCG
Sat May 27St Kilda vs. Hawthorn2:10 pmMarvel Stadium
Sat May 27Melbourne vs. Fremantle4:35 pmMCG
Sat May 27Geelong vs. GWS7:25 pmGMHBA Stadium
Sat May 27Gold Coast vs. Western Bulldogs7:30 pmTIO Stadium
Sat May 27West Coast vs. Essendon1:10 pmOptus Stadium
Sun May 28Richmond vs. Port Adelaide4:40 pmMCG
Sun May 28Collingwood vs. North Melbourne3:20 pmMarvel Stadium
Sun May 28Adelaide vs. Brisbane3:20 pmAdelaide Oval

Round 12

Date7:50 pmTime (AEST)Venue
Fri Jun 2Melbourne vs. Carlton1:45 pmMCG
Sat Jun 3Port Adelaide vs. Hawthorn4:35 pmAdelaide Oval
Sat Jun 3West Coast vs. Collingwood7:25 pmOptus Stadium
Sat Jun 3Western Bulldogs vs. Geelong7:30 pmMarvel Stadium
Sat Jun 3Gold Coast vs. Adelaide1:10 pmTIO Stadium
Sun Jun 4GWS vs. Richmond4:40 pmGiants Stadium
Sun Jun 4Essendon vs. North Melbourne4:40 pmMarvel Stadium

Byes: Brisbane, Fremantle, St Kilda, Sydney

Round 13

DateFixtureTime (AEST)Venue
Thu Jun 8Sydney vs. St Kilda7:20 pmSCG
Fri Jun 9Western Bulldogs vs. Port Adelaide7:50 pmMarvel Stadium
Sat Jun 10Hawthorn vs. Brisbane1:45 pmMCG
Sat Jun 10Adelaide vs. West Coast7:25 pmAdelaide Oval
Sat Jun 10Fremantle vs. Richmond7:25 pmOptus Stadium
Sun Jun 11North Melbourne vs. GWS3:20 pmBlundstone Arena
Sun Jun 11Carlton vs. Essendon7:15 pmMCG
Mon Jun 12Melbourne vs. Collingwood3:20 pmMCG

Byes: Geelong, Gold Coast

Round 14

DateFixtureTime (AEST)Venue
Thu Jun 15Port Adelaide vs. Geelong7:40 pmAdelaide Oval
Fri Jun 16Brisbane vs. Sydney7:50 pmGabba
Sat Jun 17GWS vs. Fremantle4:35 pmGiants Stadium
Sat Jun 17Richmond vs. St Kilda7:25 pmMCG
Sun Jun 18Carlton vs. Gold Coast1:10 pmMCG
Sun Jun 18North Melbourne vs. Western Bulldogs4:40 pmMarvel Stadium

Byes: Adelaide, Collingwood, Essendon, Hawthorn, Melbourne, West Coast

Round 15

DateFixtureTime (AEST)Venue
Thu Jun 22Geelong vs. Melbourne7:20 pmGMHBA Stadium
Fri Jun 23St Kilda vs. Brisbane7:50 pmMarvel Stadium
Sat Jun 24Sydney vs. West Coast4:35 pmSCG
Sat Jun 24Fremantle vs. Essendon7:25 pmOptus Stadium
Sun Jun 25Collingwood vs. Adelaide1:10 pmMCG
Sun Jun 25Gold Coast vs. Hawthorn4:40 pmMetricon Stadium

Byes: Carlton, GWS, North Melbourne, Port Adelaide, Richmond, Western Bulldogs

Round 16

DateFixtureTime (AEST)Venue
TBAAdelaide vs. North MelbourneTBAAdelaide Oval
TBABrisbane vs. RichmondTBAGabba
TBAEssendon vs. Port AdelaideTBAMCG
TBAGold Coast vs. CollingwoodTBAMetricon Stadium
TBAHawthorn vs. CarltonTBAMCG
TBAMelbourne vs. GWSTBATIO Stadium
TBASydney vs. GeelongTBASCG
TBAWest Coast vs. St KildaTBAOptus Stadium
TBAWestern Bulldogs vs. FremantleTBAMarvel Stadium

Round 17

DateFixtureTime (AEST)Venue
TBABrisbane vs. West CoastTBAGabba
TBAEssendon vs. AdelaideTBAMarvel Stadium
TBAFremantle vs. CarltonTBAOptus Stadium
TBAGeelong vs. North MelbourneTBAGMHBA Stadium
TBAGWS vs. HawthornTBAGiants Stadium
TBAPort Adelaide vs. Gold CoastTBAAdelaide Oval
TBARichmond vs. SydneyTBAMCG
TBASt Kilda vs. MelbourneTBAMarvel Stadium
TBAWestern Bulldogs vs. CollingwoodTBAMarvel Stadium

Round 18

DateFixtureTime (AEST)Venue
TBAAdelaide vs. GWSTBAAdelaide Oval
TBACarlton vs. Port AdelaideTBAMarvel Stadium
TBACollingwood vs. FremantleTBAMCG
TBAGeelong vs. EssendonTBAGMHBA Stadium
TBAGold Coast vs. St KildaTBAMetricon Stadium
TBAMelbourne vs. BrisbaneTBAMCG
TBANorth Melbourne vs. HawthornTBAMarvel Stadium
TBASydney vs. Western BulldogsTBASCG
TBAWest Coast vs. RichmondTBAOptus Stadium

Round 19

DateFixtureTime (AEST)Venue
TBABrisbane vs. GeelongTBAGabba
TBACarlton vs. West CoastTBAMarvel Stadium
TBAEssendon vs. Western BulldogsTBAMarvel Stadium
TBAFremantle vs. SydneyTBAOptus Stadium
TBAGWS vs. Gold CoastTBAManuka Oval
TBAMelbourne vs. AdelaideTBAMCG
TBAPort Adelaide vs. CollingwoodTBAAdelaide Oval
TBARichmond vs. HawthornTBAMCG
TBASt Kilda vs. North MelbourneTBAMarvel Stadium

Round 20

DateFixtureTime (AEST)Venue
TBAAdelaide vs. Port AdelaideTBAAdelaide Oval
TBACollingwood vs. CarltonTBAMCG
TBAEssendon vs. SydneyTBAMarvel Stadium
TBAGeelong vs. FremantleTBAGMHBA Stadium
TBAGold Coast vs. BrisbaneTBAMetricon Stadium
TBAHawthorn vs. St KildaTBAMarvel Stadium
TBARichmond vs. MelbourneTBAMCG
TBAWest Coast vs. North MelbourneTBAOptus Stadium
TBAWestern Bulldogs vs. GWSTBAMars Stadium

Round 21

DateFixtureTime (AEST)Venue
TBAAdelaide vs. Gold CoastTBAAdelaide Oval
TBAEssendon vs. West CoastTBAMarvel Stadium
TBAFremantle vs. BrisbaneTBAOptus Stadium
TBAGeelong vs. Port AdelaideTBAGMHBA Stadium
TBAGWS vs. SydneyTBAGiants Stadium
TBAHawthorn vs. CollingwoodTBAMCG
TBANorth Melbourne vs. MelbourneTBABlundstone Arena
TBASt Kilda vs. CarltonTBAMarvel Stadium
TBAWestern Bulldogs vs. RichmondTBAMarvel Stadium

Round 22

DateFixtureTime (AEST)Venue
TBACarlton vs. MelbourneTBAMCG
TBABrisbane vs. AdelaideTBAGabba
TBACollingwood vs. GeelongTBAMCG
TBAHawthorn vs. Western BulldogsTBAUTas Stadium
TBANorth Melbourne vs. EssendonTBAMarvel Stadium
TBAPort Adelaide vs. GWSTBAAdelaide Oval
TBASt Kilda vs. RichmondTBAMarvel Stadium
TBASydney vs. Gold CoastTBASCG
TBAWest Coast vs. FremantleTBAOptus Stadium

Round 23

DateFixtureTime (AEST)Venue
TBAAdelaide vs. SydneyTBAAdelaide Oval
TBACollingwood vs. BrisbaneTBAMarvel Stadium
TBAFremantle vs. Port AdelaideTBAOptus Stadium
TBAGold Coast vs. CarltonTBAMetricon Stadium
TBAGWS vs. EssendonTBAGiants Stadium
TBAMelbourne vs. HawthornTBAMCG
TBARichmond vs. North MelbourneTBAMCG
TBASt Kilda vs. GeelongTBAMarvel Stadium
TBAWestern Bulldogs vs. West CoastTBAMarvel Stadium

Round 24

DateFixtureTime (AEST)Venue
TBABrisbane vs. St KildaTBAGabba
TBACarlton vs. GWSTBAMarvel Stadium
TBAEssendon vs. CollingwoodTBAMCG
TBAGeelong vs. Western BulldogsTBAGMHBA Stadium
TBAHawthorn vs. FremantleTBAMCG
TBANorth Melbourne vs. Gold CoastTBABlundstone Arena
TBAPort Adelaide vs. RichmondTBAAdelaide Oval
TBASydney vs. MelbourneTBASCG
TBAWest Coast vs. AdelaideTBAOptus Stadium


The number of matches per club was increased to 23, which is a record. This was performed to make room for the Gather Round, a round in which all eighteen clubs competed in the same city and its environs.

The National Rugby League has been holding the Magic Round every year since 2019, and this was based on it. South Australia won the tournament over a bid from New South Wales, and the venues for the inaugural AFL games were Norwood Oval and Summit Sports Park in Mount Barker.

The following rule modifications were implemented for the 2023 season:

  • The number of field umpires in each match was raised from three to four.
  • A general replacement took the place of the medical substitute job, which had been created in 2021. Before, the medical replacement could only be used if the person being taken out of the game had a medical reason to do so. This rule was changed so that the substitute could be used for any reason.

What Date is Round 1 AFL 2023?

The AFL has announced that the 2023 schedule will be a little different. The home-and-away season will last 24 weeks, starting on March 16 at the MCG with a game between foes Richmond and Carlton.

How Many AFL Rounds Are There in 2023?

The schedule was changed to include 23 games for each team, making it the longest in history. This was done so the Gather Round, a special round where all 18 teams play in the same city and nearby areas, could start.

Who is the AFL Ppener in 2023?

AFL 2023 season openers are Richmond and Carlton draw.

How Many Teams Are in the AFL 2023?

In the current AFL Premiership game, 18 teams play each year for the Premiership Cup. The winner is chosen at the AFL Grand Final, which is usually held on the fourth Saturday in September.

Who is the Biggest AFL Team?

In 2022, the West Coast Eagles were the club in the Australian Football League with the most members. Their club had nearly 103,000 members. The Gold Coast Suns, on the other hand, had the fewest members, with about 21,000 club members.


The AFL is happy to announce the full fixture for Rounds 1 through 15 of the AFL football fixtures for 2023 and the Rounds, match-ups, and sites for the final nine rounds.

AFL EGM: Clubs, Broadcasting, and Schedules Travis Auld said that even though the 2023 AFL season schedule will look a little different with an extra round, the goal at the beginning of the season, which is to build momentum, won’t change. There will still be a lot of big games all over the country. 

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